Ganesha Tattoo

Ganesha Tattoo


Ganesha Tattoo

This black and grey Ganesha tattoo was done by Pradeep junior at Astron Tattoos located in Bangalore. A former client of ours came in with a very clear idea of getting Ganesha’s portrait on his upper arm. This tattoo is a great example of high detailing in Indian religious art. As per Hinduism, Ganesha represents “new beginnings” and is known to be a welcomer of good things in life. Hence, Ganesha tattoos are widely popular.

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  1. Anselme


    I want to have a tattoo of ganesha inside my arm and close to my hand. So just a little tattoo black and grey of the head of ganesha. What is the price for that ?


    • Pradeep

      Please Contact us on 09019918800 or 09844529388

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