Geometric Wolf Tattoo

Geometric Wolf Tattoo

Geometric Wolf Tattoo.

We at Astron tattoos believe that, there is a tattoo for every budget, every skin colour and every style. This tattoo is a result of such an effort by Pradeep. Our client was very particular about the placement of the wolf tattoo and wanted to have as much geometric straight lines as possible. Hence, Pradeep came up with this concept where you can see the bold lines represented in the tattoo and still identify to wolf.

What does the wolf tattoo mean?

The wolf tattoos were common with the Native Americans, but now they have become popular across the globe. The wolves have managed to survive the earth since the ice age. Therefore, they have been included in various folklore and cultures.

Wolves are given a lot of importance as tattoos, in the Native American culture. The meaning in their culture ranges from spirituality to masculinity. They were considered as the shamans and the harbingers of the future events. They signified the epitome of loyalty and success. Their nature of confronting the enemies as a pack signifies loyalty.

A tribal wolf tattoo just like the one Pradeep made, usually consists of bold geometric designs. Nevertheless, it does not loose its lupine essence. These types of tattoos, exhibit an abstract facet with striking patterns and anatomy of the wolf, preferably the wolf’s head

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