What happens when you get a bad tattoo/ Do I really need a Coverup Tattoo?

What happens when you get a bad tattoo/ Do I really need a Coverup Tattoo?

Getting a tattoo is not a walk in the park. There are a lot of aspects like hygiene, design choice, artist choice, placement of the tattoo, things to do before and after tattoo.

We all have a reason to get a Tattoo. Deciding to permanently ink ourselves is a life changing and bold decision to make. Each Tattoo has a story to tell.  A personal meaning.  

But a bad tattoo can happen to any of us. In a matter of hours, we have marked ourselves with something we would hate all our lives. It is one of the most heartbreaking things that could happen to anyone.

It could happen for a variety of reasons.

  1. Wrong choice of design:   Deciding on a design should always be made by two parties. 1. YOU. 2. THE Artist.  A great tattoo artist will always tell you whether a design is the right fit for you (we mean the location of the tattoo and the intricate details of the design). For example, always remember your tattoo ages with your skin. Getting intricate details in a small design will start smudging and therefore look unclear in the future.
  • Wrong choice of Artist:   This happens very often in bigger cities. Since we live a world where we want things to be done faster, certain people skip the part of looking at the Artist’s work. This does not mean that every artist is practicing bad work. It’s just that every artist has a certain style of tattooing and you need to find the artist who enjoys doing your choice of style.
  • Not enough research:  Researching means reading about the style of the tattoo that you are getting and understand the meaning behind the tattoo. Decide whether you want to have it on you forever.  Also reading up on the reviews, looking up the artist’s portfolio, and most importantly have a free consultation with the artist Consult here to discuss your options and maybe even get a unique tattoo designed for yourself Custom Tattoo designs.
  • Settling for a cheap price: Tattooing is a very thriving and competitive industry. In a big city, there are several hundred studios, out of which more than half are willing to tattoo for very cheap prices.  The takeaway here is plain and simple. Good Tattoos are not CHEAP. Cheap Tattoos are not GOOD. 

Why settle for less when it’s going to be forever! 😉

  • Not listening to your Artist:  Last but not the least, the most common mistake one can make is not listening to your Artist.  You have made all the right decisions up until Point 4 and now it’s very important to listen to what your artist has to say. Whether it involves before and aftercare, location and details of the tattoo, sometimes listening to the Artist can be the most important decision you make. It will ensure the process is smooth and a rich, fulfilling and an unregrettable experience for both of you.

Sometimes things don’t go the way we want them to and you end up with a Bad Tattoo. You spend so much time, energy and money into your love for Ink and you hate the outcome.

You could regret your tattoo as soon as you get it, or even maybe a few years down the lane. You might not like the design anymore, or in most cases, the tattoo starts to fade, smudge or discolor.

That’s why MIRACLES aka COVER-UP TATTOOS were conceptualized.

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