Color Tattoo – Things you need to know  and Top 5 Color Tattoo Ideas

Nothing in the world is as mesmerizing as a beautifully done Color Tattoo. It can catch the eye of anyone from a tattoo aficionado/enthusiast to the dullest of minds.

If you find yourself thinking of getting inked with these colors here is all the information you want.

Color Tattoo is more than just a piece of art. The science involved in blending these Colors and deciding what would look right on your skin is pretty interesting too!!

That is why it is important to know what colors would look great on your skin and what wouldn’t!!

Color Tattoo Science Made Simple

First of all, you should know the difference between skin-tones and skin undertones.

Your skin-tone is the color of your skin. Your skin’s undertone is the color beneath the surface of your skin.

While getting a Color Tattoo first and foremost, you need to look at the color of your skin.

Skin Color Based Choices

Choosing a color for you tattoo is something like picking the right foundation or compact for your skin. It all depends on your skin color and undertone!!!

When picking shades, a good rule to remember is that shades lighter than your skin tone or shades significantly darker than your skin tone show best.

For darker skin tones, the darkest colors, like royal blue, crimson red, and black, work best.

Lighter shades, such as light blue and white, don’t show up as well, whereas darker tattoo pigments bring out the color in the skin.

For darker desi Skin tones, these black and royal blue/ crimson red colors work the best too!!

Medium and Olive or tanned skin, oranges, greens, and bright blues work well.

For those with fair-skin, red and violet pigments complement the skin well. Fair skin also takes white ink the best, since darker skin tones don’t allow white pigment to show as much.

Skin’s Undertone Based Color Choices

There are 3 kinds of skin undertones: warm, cool, and neutral.

Cool undertones describe those people with a blueish, pink, or ruddy complexion. These people tend to show blue colored veins.

Warm undertones describe yellow, peachy, or golden complexions. Those with warm undertones typically have green colored veins.

Neutral undertones show an even complexion, so the undertone aligns with your surface skin tone. These people have no distinguishable vein color.

If you a cool undertone, any ink pigment will show fairly well, but bold blues and reds will show especially well, since they match your natural skin undertone.

Warmer undertones, remember that the your naturally blue veins come across as green because of the brown/red/yellow color of your melanin. So please stick to a color that sticks to the color of your brown/yellow/red undertones.

It’s important to remember that there’s no difference in the way that darker skin receives color. Rather, it is the concentration of melanin that should reflect how colors show on your skin.

Simply put, before you decide on the perfect colors, keep the above things in mind and then remember, your tattoo artist knows the best!!!!!