Top 5 Cover Up Tattoo Ideas and when you might need them!!

A cover-up tattoo is the act of tattooing over your previously unwanted tattoo with a new tattoo.

It is usually seen as being one of two options of removing an unwanted tattoo; the other option being laser removal.

Covering up an unwanted tattoo is cheaper than tattoo removal.

Poorly applied, faded, or light tattoos are covered up using the same or darker ink.

White ink may sometimes be applied to lighten the old tattoo before proceeding with the cover-up.

Cover-ups could completely hide the old tattoo with a new design, or the cover-up could incorporate elements or the whole of the existing tattoo.

Who needs a Cover Up Tattoo?

Your tattoo could go wrong for all sorts of reasons. It could fade, smudge, discolor or you/your skin could just outgrow it.

You must have heard or seen several instances (Tattoos gone wrong) of tattoos gone wrong. It is surprising to see it could be something as basic as a spelling mistake or sometimes just bad drawing skills.   

Why is a Coverup Better than Removal?

Laser Removal of Tattoos come with their own set of risks. Also, it can make the area look scarred or unpleasant at times.

Tattoo Removal also means a lot of money and time is involved. The overall experience of tattoo removal not only just empties your pocket but will also upset you because we know every tattoo has a story to tell.

Cover Ups are amazing because you could literally redraw your not-so-good-looking past.

Also, who doesn’t love flaunting a brand new cooler tattoo?

What should you expect from a Cover Up Tattoo?

The science of Cover Up Tattoos is simple.

The tattoo ink gets deposited at least one millimeter beneath your skin. During a Cover Up, the ink is deposited again in the same place beneath your skin. However the new ink technically does not go over the old ink.

These two colors rather get combined to create a new color. There are chances that dark inks will dominate the mixture. For instance, blue and yellow together turn into green underneath your skin.

That is one of the reasons most tattoo artists consider black and shades of black with some white strokes as the most effective color to cover up almost any old tattoo.

When an artist is working to conceal a tattoo, the focus is usually on the design, color, size of an old tattoo and how to incorporate it into new tattoo.

Certified tattoo artists like us, begin working after chalking out a strategy to place the new design and color cautiously on the previous tattoo. Not to mention, cover-up will allow showcasing your tattoo in public.

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