May Day or International Labor Day Tattoos – For the Love of Your Jobs!!

Who would have thought after years of oppression of the working class and industrial revolution, today we would be celebrating International Workers/ Labors Day on 1st of May every year all over the world.

There is rich history to this holiday and most countries celebrate this day immense pomp.

But what exactly does it mean to each of us individually? Do we realize the importance of work force aka “us” today? Because we all work for most part of our lives. Its become the way of world.

Blue-collar or White Collar, Professionals or Innovators, Artists or Business Owners, there are all different kinds of us in the world today.

In this article we want to look back and show you some tattoos people got for the love of their jobs!!!!

  1. Marine Compass Tattoo

This custom tattoo was done on our client who was part of the merchant navy! You can make out the compass, the map of his country (India) and a navigational map too!

The details of the design makes it very clear how much his job means to him and we believe needs no further explanation.

It’s impossible to do wake up and go do your job everyday unless you love it and Tattoos like this do remind us to look forward in times of turmoil.

2. Muscle Anatomy Tattoo

This muscle anatomy tattoo apart from being a crowd favorite, has a heart-warming story to it.

Sometimes our personal and professional lives do entangle in a unexpected way and leads us to a transformational journey.

This was done on a client who is a world famous nutritionist and fitness expert who battled obesity and related health issues for considerable part of his life.

This tattoo represents the victories of his both personal and professional life.

3. Geometric Line Work and Trishul Tattoo

Who else would love and think up of this extremely futuristic and trendy design, apart from an experienced and versatile tattoo artist?

A graphic designer of course!

This super cool tattoo was done on our client who is graphic designer by profession.

Our client wanted a trishul-shiva tattoo designed top match his professions identity. So Pradeep Junior comes up with a design that looked seemingly fit for a graphic designer and he loved it!!

Some of us take that passion for our jobs into our tattoos like this client and end result is entirely awe-inspiring.

4. Elsa Snow Queen Tattoo

Elsa, the Snow Queen is probably every young girl’s favorite princess.

Well but this tattoo was done on our 27 year old client and he got this out of love for his job.

Wonder why?

We all agree Frozen is a visual masterpiece but our client took it a notch above and realized the visual animation skills at work here.

Being a part of the industry himself, this Elsa Tattoo symbolized the pinnacle of his profession and hence this tattoo.

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