Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Anatomical Heart Tattoo

The heart is an incredible and highly detailed organ in the human body. It’s visually hard to capture or design.  Its a feat only for the world’s greatest artists.

This anatomical heart tattoo and the realistic depiction of the human heart also represents one’s passion for medicine as well as one’s appreciation of good health [Also, Hello, Grey’s Anatomy fans 😉 ].

The ancient Egyptians believed that the heart was the seat of the soul, governing all thought, intention, and emotion. Today, this idea is well and alive in heart symbolism: Anatomical Heart Tattoo represents everything from romantic love and passion, to sorrow and pain.

But for some the anatomical heart tattoos are more mechanical than they are about feelings of love. The heart is just another organ to these wearers, and they want the world to see it functions at a higher level than most will allow, pushing them to be better in every aspect of their lives. Whether blackened, broken, or run through with a blade, this heart will continue beating strong.

Anatomical heart tattoos make it possible to replicate every blood vessel and incorporates a vibrant shade of red that makes it look more realistic. They are attractive and create a wonderful merger between the impalpable emotions and biological realism.

These vividly aesthetic creations offer a slick opportunity to literally wear your heart on your sleeve, but courageous dudes often get their heart art right on top of the real thing.

For even more heart-filled fun, a lot of people today are out there experimenting with hyper-realism; meanwhile, others are partaking in abstract portrayals of human emotion. Either way, the final effect is commanding and captivating.

Of course, these masterpieces are highly customizable.

This anatomical heart tattoo was freehanded by Pradeep Junior as a part of an ongoing leg-sleeve that would morph into a female figure as a weeping willow. This tattoo is plain proof of the world class work Pradeep does. Of course this is what he does best and  that’s exactly what our clients love about him.

This tattoo is a good example of showcasing brighter colors on light skin. As the age old tattooist saying goes “Lighter the skin, brighter the color.”

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