Astronaut / moon tattoo

Astronaut / moon tattoo

Astronaut moon tattoo

People of all backgrounds can unite behind the concept of astronaut tattoos. By signifying technological advancements and futuristic possibilities, these spacemen stand for a whole range of attributes that men love!

To express a lifelong interest in aerospace, tons of guys are going the route of getting astronaut ink.

These galactic tattoos will never go out of style, and they carry a serious capacity for customization. In addition to adding modifications to the suit, there are countless interstellar environments to consider.

From planets to nebulae, the only limits are in your own imagination.

An astronaut tattoo can also be flaunted to show support for NASA and other space exploration programs. Additionally, they are often used to showcase future occupational goals. In f act, a lot of cutting-edge engineers prominently display their passion with this universal theme.

This tattoo was done with loads of brainstorming over the design with the client and Pradeep Junior being the space buff he was totes excited at the opportunity! This was created at Astron Tattoo Studio in Bangalore

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