Biomechanical Tattoo (2013)

Biomechanical Tattoo (2013)

Also known as Biomech tattoo, this style of tattoo artistry was actually born in an era where tattoo traditionalism was at its peak. As you can imagine, this controversial style which combines the human form and mechanics truly made itself known. The style itself was both pioneered and popularized by two well known tattoo artist of their time: Guy Aitchison and Aaron cain.

Essentially, biomech combines a greasy, visceral form with hard, metal-like structures. Put simply, it’s a combination of both organic matter and mechanics. Most people get a biomech tattoo because of their love for sci- fi and horror. Although, art is always open for interpretation. Many people choose a biomech design because they feel there is something dark and alien living inside them. This could refer to dealing with inner demons and a dark past. The wearer maybe harboring some sort of “alien” alter ego that not many people know of.

This tattoo style has become popular simply because of its intricate aesthetic that many people want to replicate.

Bio-mechanical tattoo designs are largely shaped by the hidden potential or the unique preconceptions you hold about yourself, that is, a specific design is often purposeful and holds a high personal significance. Bio-mechanical tattoos feature many interesting things, far outside the most common robot elements. This Bio-mechanical tattoo was specially customized for our client at Astron tattoos and completed by Pradeep Junior who specializes in black and grey realistic tattoos.

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