Colour Lotus Tattoo

Colour Lotus Tattoo

Colour Lotus Tattoo.

What does a lotus tattoo signify?

Lotus holds a great significance in the East or the Asian countries due to its religious symbolism. There are references of lotus that can be found in Hinduism as well as Buddhism. One of a very powerful God, significant with Hinduism was born from a Lotus blossom. The lotus in Buddhism signifies Buddha’s nature.

It also signifies re-birth just like the Lotus rises from the mud to transform into a beautiful flower. It stands for its majestic beauty and strength.The Lotus tattoo is done in various different colours like pink, blue etc.Each colour depicts something deep. Like the pink lotus signifies love, passion and heart. The blue lotus signifies wisdom, intellect and knowledge.

This tattoo was made in 2018 during Pradeep’s last visit in the US. This was the very first kind of experimental tattoo that he did. This unique style of lines with outpouring colours is called an over spill. After the final outcome, our client really appreciated Pradeep’s attempt to provide a unique yet tastefully appealing pattern.

This particular lotus tattoo represents drastic changes in life. It can be a physical change or a mental change. Due the deep symbolism of the lotus tattoo, it will never go out of vogue.

Now that you know what the tattoo signifies, you can go get a unique custom lotus tattoo yourself, at our tattoo studio in Indiranagar, Bangalore, India.

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