Compass Map with a Rose tattoo

Compass Map with a Rose tattoo

Compass Map with a Rose tattoo

What does the Compass tattoo signify?

A Compass tattoo is an old school tattoo, because in the olden days, the sailors used the compass as a nautical instrument, to guide them through the seas. Compass tattoos usually include a North Star just like the old, historically inspired compasses. It also includes a wind rose also called the compass rose or the rose of the wind.

The Compass tattoo is usually a reminder to stay motivated and find your way in life. It can be accompanied with other elements that add meaning to finding your right direction in life. It can be a map, an anchor, a rose etc

Many travel lovers get a compass tattoo to signify that, the whole world is their home. These tattoos are often accompanied by maps or other travelling elements like a plane or a ship. The compass is used both in the open sea and the land therefore, this tattoo is more suitable for you if you love boarding a plane and travelling from one corner of the world to another, to learn and discover new places.

This tattoo is inspired by a reference on pinterest that our client found. As he is a keen traveler and is willing to travel even more in his future, he decided to get this tattoo. This tattoo consists of a marine compass, an anchor chain link and a rose, all laid on a section of the world map.

Though this tattoo looks like a common tattoo from the internet, each and every element was personally customized by Pradeep. This tattoo was accomplished after tattooing for 5-6 hours at Astron Tattoos in Bangalore. And the result was mesmerizing.











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