Cover Up Koi Fish Tattoo

Cover Up Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi is a Japanese word for Carp. Japanese people have, for years, used Koi fish tattoo designs as a cultural symbol for overcoming adversity. Stories are told of how they climb waterfalls that have strong currents. It is said Koi was determined to reach the top of the waterfall so it persevered and succeeded.

Today these legends have inspired many people who have gone through adversity to get Koi fish tattoo designs. Such people use the symbol as a reminder of the luck or the bravery that helped them succeed or overcome an obstacle.

Sometimes called living jewels, koi are a highly recognizable and respected fish. Their presence in our society represents a strong interest in Eastern Asian culture. Koi fish have been a staple of Japanese folklore through the ages.

Ancient tales like this have formed the mythical symbolism of koi fish. Koi are often admired for their endurance and perseverance in the face of adversity, as seen in the koi fish leaping over the waterfall.

This Cover Up Koi Fish Tattoo was done on an 18 year old client. The style of tattoing is Japanese. What one needs to know is Japanese style of tattooing is the best style for a Cover Up Tattoo like this one. Also this beautiful Cover Up Koi Fish Tattoo is as modern and futuristic as it can get.

Also, dear Pisceans, remember you are literally looking at your zodiac sign tattoo like our client who celebrated his birthday by this tattoo of his Zodiac Fish.

Be convinced you are really looking at the future of tattooing guys in this Koi Fish Tattoo, guys!! This custom Koi Fish Tattoo was designed keeping in mind the young client and his unique choices.

This tattoo is a great example of how flexible and growing Pradeep Junior is as an artist. This tattoo was done at Astron Tattoos, Bengaluru.


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