Cross and roses Cover up

Cross and roses Cover up

Cross roses Cover up Tattoo

Crosses are very popular because of their deep and personal meaning, historical and cultural significance and easily customized designs. A cross tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body either by it self or with a larger design.

Adding a rose to your design is a beautiful and often poignant way to personalize your tattoo. The cross you choose along with the rose is important. If you choose a Gothic cross then it symbolizes death and darkness, but other crosses are clear indicators of Christianity and faith in spirituality.

Among its various meanings, the rose symbolizes hope and new beginnings. The rose serves as a symbol of twinning of suffering  and desire or of a love that we must bear. Thus the two symbols together represent a strong combination of balance: sometimes we must suffer when we love.

This black and grey Cross roses Cover up Tattoo was done by Bangalore-based artist Pradeep Junior during his recent visit to USA. The young client had got a hand poked tattoo during his time in prison and wanted to cover up the unpleasant looking tattoo of the skull and cross with something positive. Hence Pradeep junior did the roses freehand on his arms and redid the entire tattoo to bring it to life and this was the outcome. The client appreciated the tattoo at the end of it.

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  1. Plz can u sa me the price of this tattoo ……I like to put this tattoo….

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