Custom Bull face Tattoo

Custom Bull face Tattoo

Custom Bull face Tattoo

Bull tattoos are extremely popular among men as it represents energy. It is a common tattoo among celebrities as it shows that they are always up for a challenge.

A bull is a strong and powerful animal, it symbolizes masculinity and high energy. It is a very popular animal in many mythologies. In the Indian culture a Bull is known as a Lord Nandi, the vehicle of Lord Shiva. Bulls represent fighting spirit which is why they are used as sports logo. They also symbolize strength, power, courage and so on.

A bull face tattoo is often designed with flaring nostrils and raging eyes. These tattoos are very common among men who have a rage to achieve something. The best areas to get this tattoo are your back, forearm and shoulder.

 Ajay Arora a young tattoo enthusiast wanted to get a Custom Bull face Tattoo from Pradeep.

Ajay happened to be an excellent client to deal with and He did his homework regarding the tattoo well. Pradeep was able to put this idea on a piece of paper as he showed us come reference images.

In the Hindu tradition, the powerful god, Shiva, is often depicted as riding a bull. To symbolize their entrance into manhood. Pradeep did this tattoo on the new years weekend at our tattoo shop in Indiranagar, Bangalore.


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