Custom Steampunk Samurai Tattoo

Custom Steampunk Samurai Tattoo

Custom Steampunk Samurai Tattoo

Samurai tattoos are very popular in Japanese culture. Even though it is not a mainstream tattoo in India, it still has a following, especially among people who admire Japan. Their designs are very detailed and quite colorful. Though they come in a variety of sizes and styles, most designs are larger due to the detail in this tattoo.

They usually represent traits and attributes of the samurai. It often symbolizes strength and courage, along with a host of other meanings.

Steampunk tattoo is an artistic presentation of the Victorian era. Nowadays this direction mixes various tattoo styles  such as tribal, classic or old school.

These designs are quite stunning and perfect for sleeve tattoos, with various elements and symbols that can accompany their theme such as the following

  • No restriction with reality, rebellion;
  • Self-confidence;
  • Great power;
  • Transformation;
  • Wisdom and knowledge;
  • Love and beauty;
  • Mystery;
  • Technology and science;
  • «Other» World;
  • Dedication to the steampunk subculture;
  • Adventurous spirit.

This Custom Steampunk Samurai was done one of our clients who is really enthusiastic about fitness and Motorcycles.  This tattoo is also a great representation of a proper Black and grey half sleeve tattoo on Indian Skin. This tattoo was performed at our Indiranagar Studio in Bangalore India by Pradeep Junior.

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