Dollar Bill Rose Tattoo

Dollar Bill Rose Tattoo

Dollar Bill Rose Tattoo


Dollar Bill Rose Tattoos aren’t just cool tattoos. These financial flowers carry highly esteemed connotations; plus, they just look fantastic!

These tattoos have great deep meanings as well as incorporate a variety of art styles in one.

These designs cleverly fuse Eastern origami with Western concepts of wealth and beauty. A lot of complexity is enshrined in the intricate folds, and the currency itself requires ample attention to recreate paper textures.

Thus, the money rose is sincerely a selection for only the finest of tattoo aficionados.

The flower also carries suggestive connotations for female anatomy, so guys can express their affinity for the fairer sex with one of these designs as well. The fact that it is made of money simply reflects a desire for sensuality to be merged with affluence.

Money rose ink takes a formerly feminine symbol, and it finds a way to make it astutely masculine. This is definitely a dream come true for guys who have a fondness for nature, but have been afraid of dabbling in it due to concerns about gender. Remember, nothing is more manly than the enjoyment of money and babes.

This Dollar Bill Rose tattoo was done on one of our clients from US who works in “Boeing” one of the biggest Airplane manufacturing companies. It took over a month’s research for him to end up at Astron Tattoos. After talking to our resident artist Pradeep Junior, he felt very comfortable about getting this tattoo. He started off with a single custom tattoo that cwith a rose made of 100 Dollar bills, A Skeleton hand holding it. After the completion of this tattoo, Kelton was so impressed that he decided to get his whole left leg tattooed by Pradeep and has booked several appointments over the course of next few months.

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