Eagle Tattoo

Eagle Tattoo

Eagle Tattoo


This majestic bird has long been a symbol of Spirituality, Wisdom, and Power. While it is most commonly associated with the United States, the Eagle Tattoo as a cultural representation has been around for thousands of years.

From as far back as the days of ancient Greece, eagles have been an embodiment of masculine Strength and Virility. The Greek god Zeus, known for his numerous trysts with mortal women, was often associated with the Eagle and the animal itself was usually depicted carrying the ultimate symbol of Zeus, a lightning bolt.

Eagles also rank in the topmost in the Bird World for their strength and predatory qualities. Their Eagle Eyes are also 3.6 times more powerful than humans.

Also dear fellow Eagle Tattoo enthusiasts did you know that an eagle is capable of carrying a 15 lb (7 kilograms) of weight in upwards into the sky and finish off an animal weighing 66 pounds.

Technically, the eagles are perfect at soaring in the air and they have an amazing vision. Because of that, people can apply these tattoos to show a clear vision in their lives. The tattoo can be used as a reminder of determination and commitment to a clear focus. It can also represent a commitment to spiritual clarity and even personal transparency.

Eagle Tattoo also symbolizes energy, health, provision, life, and vitality. These birds also tend to have a fatherly association, which will play a good role of symbolizing authority, guardianship, and control.

This Eagle tattoo was done one of our regular Clients at Astron Tattoos who happens to be a well known pastry chef. After going through a lot of ideas for eagle references, we finally landed on a clear image of a full realistic eagle to fit the client’s elbow area. Eagles symbolize power. This is one of Pradeep’s favourite pieces because of the challenge that was involved in fulfilling the clients requirement.

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