Feather quill compass map tattoo

Feather quill compass map tattoo

Feather quill compass map tattoo

Travel tattoos are really popular these days and today’s generation is keener on seeing the world. This tattoo was custom designed by Pradeep to represent the message that you can write your own story (hence the feather quill) and the world map along with the compass.

A Compass tattoo is an old school tattoo, because in the olden days, the sailors used the compass as a nautical instrument, to guide them through the seas. Compass tattoos usually include a North Star just like the old, historically inspired compasses. It also includes a wind rose also called the compass rose or the rose of the wind.

The Compass tattoo is usually a reminder to stay motivated and find your way in life. A compass tattoo can be accompanied with other elements that add meaning to finding your right direction in life. It can be a map, an anchor, a rose, a feather quill etc

A feather quill with the compass tattoo signifies that one writes his own journey ahead. He is the author of his on life story and the compass helps to guide his journey.

Many travel lovers get a compass tattoo to signify that, the whole world is their home. These travel tattoos are often accompanied by maps or other travelling elements like a plane or a ship. The compass is used both in the open sea and the land therefore, this tattoo is more suitable for you if you love boarding a plane and travelling from one corner of the world to another, to learn and discover new places. If you are a travel junkie and want a customized tattoo for yourself come visit us at our studio in Indiranagar, Bangalore, India.

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