Fibonacci series tattoo

Fibonacci series tattoo

The Fibonacci sequence is a sequence of numbers in which each number is the sum of the two previous numbers. It appears to be a random assortment of numbers. The sequence is a symbol of the power of mathematics and order in a world that at first glance seems chaotic. The sequence is famous because it appears in many important works of art and architecture as well as in nature.


For example, the shell of a snail and of other animals takes the form of a spiral. It is possible to draw out this same spiral using the Fibonacci sequence and some geometry. A very unique and fully custom Fibonacci series tattoo done by Pradeep at Astron Tattoos a few months back!


If you are considering getting a tattoo pertaining to the Fibonacci spiral, chances are you are very educated in the field of mathematics. The Fibonacci spiral design can be done in a number of different ways. Those who have a passion for geometry, mathematics, and engineering are more than likely to love the idea of this graphic as a tattoo.


You can wear a Fibonacci tattoo in a number of ways. For example, you can look up a spiral that obeys the Fibonacci rule for its design and use that. It can be of almost any size because it is composed of simple geometric lines. You can also get a rectangular design that works the same way if you prefer that.

Either way, it will be a signal of intelligence and insight into the laws. The laws that govern how the physical law operates.

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