Free hand lettering tattoo

Free hand lettering tattoo

Free hand lettering tattoo.

When it comes to the tattooing process it has various different steps to it. It’s a long process where, the artist and the client discuss the idea; the artist then designs the tattoo and shows it to the client for preview. Later the artist draws the design on a piece of stencil paper which works similar to a temporary tattoo, then the stencil is applied to the client’s skin then finally the tattooing begins. But there is another way in which few of these steps are skipped. It’s called Free hand tattoo.

What is a free hand tattoo?

This kind of tattooing requires a different level of skills. Here the artist has to come up with a brilliant design in that very moment. The design is discussed with the client, the lettering, pattern, colours etc. And then the excitement begins.

There is no stencil used in the free hand tattooing. While making this tattoo Pradeep directly drew it on the client using different colours of permanent markers. It is directly transferred from an artists mind to the clients’ skin. Some artists show the marker drawings to their client and some don’t. However, the drawing can look confusing to others as it is a rough sketch and it only makes sense to the artist.

It takes a lot of trust to let someone make a free hand tattoo. Therefore, only the artists who have been in this profession for a very long time and have a decent client base have the ability to do it.



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