Freehand tattoo

Freehand tattoo

In today’s age, tattoos have taken more of an artistic route. Gone are most of the dark and seedy street shops. We’re seeing true artists master the craft of tattoo. Custom tattooing and freehand work has become the true definition of a “good shop.”


A freehand tattoo is drawn on the client and then tattooed. We sketch directly on the skin with markers instead of transferring a stencil. This technique can help with the natural flow and shape of the body. This is the best way to take on curvy or angled areas. Also, when a client wants to add to an existing tattoo, the new tattoo can be easily tailored to the empty space.


Pradeep says, “One of my Favorite things to do is to do freehand tattoos like this! Paolo gave me all the liberty to do my thing and here is the out come!” If you are looking for a unique Polynesian and one of a kind tattoo! Visit us at our studio, Astron Tattoos, Bangalore.



When it comes to the tattoo process, it isn’t usually a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am deal. Tattooing is a specialized skill. Not every artist can be a tattoo artist. It takes a detailed passion and precision which other forms of art do not require. When creating a piece of art upon someone’s skin, there is a level of diligence not entirely necessary in other mediums.

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