Geometric Line Work And Trishul Tattoo

Geometric Line Work And Trishul Tattoo

Geometric Line Work Trishul Tattoo

Geometric Line Work  Trishul Tattoo at Astron Tattoos Bangalore India,

Recommended by one of our regular clients. Jigesh came up with his own artwork to get this tattoo done on his forearm. This tattoo is a combination of delicate and bold lines in the form of Trishul which represents thick and thin moments in life. The word “fastly” has been spelled within the tattoo with a geometric Trishul extending at the end of the longest line.

This tattoo represents the quality of our work and precision that we follow to deliver the best inked work. Often clients walk in with their own designs and we do our very best to bring these designs to life because we value what it means to them. The tattoo was done by Pradeep Junior at Astron Tattoos in Bangalore, India.

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