Geometric lotus dream catcher

Geometric lotus dream catcher

Geometric lotus dream catcher

This Geometric Lotus Dream Catcher tattoo was done on Leah who moved in from Hungary few years ago. Leah now practices making dream catchers inspired by Indian crafts. This tattoo came about the time when Leah got her first custom Sri Yantra tattoo from Pradeep and later she quickly developed a rough sketch of a ornamental lotus based Dream catcher. Once the tattoo was all healed, Leah appreciated the work so much that she made a custom dream catcher for Pradeep as a Thank you.

The use of dream catcher dates back to the time of Native Americans. The Ojibwa Chippewa tribe considered it as a symbol of spider which was used to provide protection and comfort for children and infants from nightmares.

It was hung above their beds as the web in the dream catcher was supposed to capture all the bad dreams. It was believed that even though the bad dreams were captured in the web, the good dreams always found their way back to the Childs mind.

The dream catcher was associated with the Spider woman of the Native American tribe known as the Asibikaashi. The Spider woman used to go to the infants and children to comfort them from nightmares. But the tribe began to expand so the Spider woman found it difficult to travel everywhere. Therefore, the women of the tribe started to weave dream catchers for their infants.

A dream catcher tattoo signifies protection and safety, since the dream catcher represents protection from nightmares, bad omen and negative spirits. Although, this tattoo is famous for its symbol of protection, some get it even for its attractive designs and colorful patterns.

There are several ways to customize a dream catcher tattoo. One can add their spirit animal, flowers, arrows, beads etc to make it more meaningful and attractive. To get your very own dream catcher tattoo visit out Bangalore  studio.

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