Guardian Angel Tattoo

Guardian Angel Tattoo

Guardian Angel Tattoo

Guardian angel tattoos have been popular in all cultures. Angels have served as great inspirations to artists and architects around the world. Angels can be seen in museum, churches, monuments etc. A Guardian angel tattoo holds different meaning but all positive meaning. This tattoo symbolizes the need of protection since they are believed to be the messengers from God. People like to be protected by a guardian angel who is watching over them. Not only does the guardian angel protect you but also guides you to choose the right path in life.

You can also get it in the memory of a lost loved one who is watching over you. Guardian angel tattoos are also a sign that people are trying to connect with God.

This tattoo does not only symbolize protection but also romance, love, sadness and hope.

This black and grey  Guardian Angel Tattoo tattoo was customized by Pradeep Junior at our studio in Indiranagar, Bangalore. It was requested by an upcoming south Indian actor who has already worked as a lead in Telugu movies.

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  1. Suraj k

    Hello i wanted to do an angel tattoo on my back. I would like to know the rate and other details. Can u give ur mail address or whats app number so that i can send the model that i wanted to be tattooed

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