Indian Elephant tattoo

Indian Elephant tattoo

Indian Royal Elephant Tattoo




Royal Elephant Tattoo: You would never guess this interesting backstory to this cute and not so little elephant tattoo.

Did you know that Indian Royal Elephant scared one of the greatest warriors the world has ever seen?

His mighty army was really intimidated by these majestic creatures Indian brought to the war!!!

This Indian Royal Elephant tattoo was a memento and a keepsake tattoo for a special client from Belgium.  This tattoo was completely custom designed for him as a memoir of his time spent in India.

Those bright ornaments you see on this Tattoo symbolize the Elephant’s royalty, strength and courage.

Having a mighty majestic elephant was a symbol of power and strength to Indian Kings back in the days. They owned hundreds of elephants and  all of them well fed and taken care of.  These royal elephants were also decorated with precious ornamental stones. It matter of prestige and pride to the Kings.

And hence the intricate artwork and ornamental detailing on this Royal Elephant Tattoo.

This tattoo is a perfect example of how Pradeep captures interesting stories in a Tattoo.  Like a road map to your secret history. Diagram of your adventures.

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