When the travel bug bites, I wonder how many of you react towards it positively. I believe there is a traveller inside everyone but somehow we can’t relate to it. It is actually hard to discover “what kind of traveller we are” unless we have traversed a diversified skyline, landscape and culture.

Travelling and Tattoos have something in common. Both leave a profound mark on you. Your life changes permanently after both. You become a different person.

Travellers all over the world are constantly collecting passport stamps, soul-stirring stories and often, stunning wanderlust tattoos. Each one tells a story, a tale of adventure, inspiration and often, personal achievement. They’re badges of honour, proudly emblazoned on the bodies of those whose hearts are stirred by travel

This tattoo of the “Auto -Rickshaw” is a very unique piece designed specifically for the client marking his first trip to India.

An “Auto Rickshaw” is the most common form of transportation in India. It makes a endearingly funny “Tuk Tuk” sound as it whooshes past along the roads.

Most Indians have a variety of childhood memories associated with autos. Crazy rides filled with family dramas, the cool breeze touching your face as you ride past your favorite local park, almost every Indian has a very endearing meaning and joy attached to it.

It is very interesting and heart-touching when our tourists fall in love with our “Tuk Tuk” autos while visiting India.

When our client, Ronny from Germany, got this incredibly interesting tattoo from Pradeep Junior of Astron Tattoos.

This was Ronny’s first visit to India. He had a really great trip and he not only enjoyed the hospitality of our country, he couldn’t contain his excitement about Autos just like us  and decided to permanently mark his adventures here by getting a tattoo of the famous tuk-tuk, the green and yellow auto rickshaws that brighten up the streets of India.

During his trip to India, he just felt like he needed to commemorate the trip with something more than a photo album on Facebook. The trip seems to have sunk so deep into him that now it makes perfect sense to have it etched into his skin and he goes for the Road Trip Memories Tattoo.

Like him you will come across several travel nuts who want something more than a broken memento…which leads to thoughts of getting the ultimate reminder: getting a travel tattoo that represent time, places and events. Travel-themed tattoos can also be used to represent your travelling hopes and dreams for the future



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