Kali tattoo/Angry Indian Goddess

Kali tattoo/Angry Indian Goddess

Kali tattoo/Angry Indian Goddess.

This Kali tattoo was custom made for Mangal Singh who has been getting tattooed by Pradeep since 2012. The theme of this tattoo was to showcase the aggressive nature of maha kali. Pradeep wanted this tattoo to represent a realistic theme and have enough reds to showcase the aggressiveness.

Kali is a profound goddess that arouses fear, repulsion but also awe. Almost as if this figure manages to stir up the deepest emotions within a person’s soul.

However, not all her manifestations are so menacing. In a version found in many Indian households, Kali seems to have calmed down. Her skin color changes to a colour between blue and purple with her hands joined in blessing.

Other images of the goddess show her naked and dirty and explicit with her flaccid, sagging breasts, swollen belly and aggressive manner.

The skulls: The skulls around her neck are the heads of the men that have sacrificed themselves for her that symbolizes our ego, which we abandon forever once we are in her presence.

Tongue: It shows how blood thirsty she is. It also symbolizes her sexuality and wildness as she is often depicted striding a tiger, surrounded by wild animals and dancing wildly.

Her posture: The goddess is always shown with her one foot raised which symbolizes her rage and fury.

No matter which way you look at it, /kali is a warrior image that is hard to get out of your head. Big devotee of Kali and want a unique customized tattoo? Visit Astron Tattoo Studio at Indiranagar, Bangalore, India.


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