Leopard tattoo

Leopard tattoo

Leopard tattoo

A powerful warrior and religious icon, the leopard tattoo is a symbol of strength, nobility, and mystery as a tattoo design.

They may be the smallest of the big cats, but when it comes to adaptability, intellect, and brute strength, there’s nothing small about leopards.

For thousands of years, humanity has had an unwavering fascination with these big cats. In African folklore, they are seen not only as fierce warriors and hunters, but also as cunning and deceitful animals. It is said that you never know what a leopard is up to until it’s too late and that the animal employs a number of tactics to lull its prey into a false sense of security. This accounts for the famous saying, “a leopard cannot change its spots.” In these cultures, the Leopard’s spots are thought to symbolize the ability to hide the truth about who you are, therefore giving yourself a tactical advantage in any situation.

A Leopard Tattoo is also used to evoke a sense of honor and nobility. Many see the Leopard as a valiant warrior who never runs from a battle.

These beautiful animals also have a strong connection with the spiritual realm. Shamans and spiritual leaders often wear leopard pelts in the belief that doing so will protect them from evil spirits.

Ancient Egyptian priests always wore leopard skins in an effort to protect them from the god of darkness and chaos and to symbolize their triumph over his evil misdeeds. For many spiritual leaders in indigenous tribes, these animal totems are often viewed as guides to the spiritual world because of their ability to adapt and thrive in seemingly different environments

One of our regular clients, Sandeep Hegde is a tattoo collector and enthusiastic. He is one of our regulars and has some crazy tattoos done here at Astron Tattoos.  He also loved the feline animal kingdom tattoos a lot and already has a lion tattoo from us.

He came to us wanting to get a leopard tattoo this on the inside of his arm. Pradeep at Astron Tattoos came up with this unique composition that is partly abstract but shows a realistic leopard at the same time.


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