Lion forearm tattoo.

Lion forearm tattoo.

Lion forearm tattoo.

This Lion forearm tattoo is fully customized by Pradeep and well appreciated by his peers.

Lion is known as the king of the jungle generally; as ferocious and proud. But there are other underlying meanings to Lion tattoo like strength, courage, power, the relationship one has with their nature, family bonding and so on.

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of a lion is it’s strength, ferocity and it’s dangerous nature. The lion tattoo can signify one’s own strength and nature, it might not be physical strength, it could be relating to ones spiritual strength and nature. The kind of strength that allows you to face any difficulties with your head held high.

Lion are one of the most feared animals that walk the planet. The lion is very powerful, intelligent and highly skilled in the animal kingdom.

In addition to the strength it may also signify freedom. Why? Because, the lions are known for their free spirited nature and live according to their terms and wishes. People who are free spirited and tend to live wildly according to their wishes tend to get such tattoos. To get a customized Lion tattoo please drop by at our Indiranagar studio in Bangalore, India.


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