Lion with a crown fusion tattoo

Lion with a crown fusion tattoo

Lion with a crown fusion tattoo

Lion with a crown fusion tattoo is a composition of several art forms and techniques when it comes to tattooing this tattoo also showcases how versatile Pradeep can be with different forms of art and can deliver a good tattoo.

Although, this tattoo is not considered to be mainstream, it is a popular tattoo design. Due to the detailed work and necessary shading, most of them are designed as a larger tattoo. The designs often portray the entire lion or just the head of the lion. In some cases, they may even be portrayed with a crown as shown above.

Just as it is in the animal kingdom the Lion tattoo stands at the top when it comes to animal tattoos. He is portrayed as “the king of the jungle” or “the king of the animal kingdom”

Lion with a crown symbolizes your strength and power over life events. This can also be applied to a lioness tattoo with a crown, which can be tattooed if you are a woman and want to honor a feminine member of your family.

You may have triumphed and overcome bad moments in your life, so having a lion which symbolizes strength and the royal crown which means self-control and independence.

To get a royal lion tattoo come visit Pradeep at Astron studio which is situated in Indiranagar, Bangalore, India.

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