Lord Krishna Tattoo

Lord Krishna Tattoo

A Lord Krishna tattoo symbolizes love, life and death. Lord Krishna is universally the most loved and followed Hindu deity. He is the central figure of the Holy Book, Bhagavad-Gita. His fables are mystical and very inspiring. Lord Krishna is the 8th and the last avatar of Lord Vishnu. He is the God of tenderness, compassion and love.


Fully Healed Krishna tattoo done by Pradeep a couple of months back at Astron Tattoos! He took this as reference from Instagram. Originally painted by Keshav. Anyone who knows him feel free to dm.


Lord Krishna is known by many different names and most of them are taken from Vishnu Sahasranam. In Sanskrit Krishna means “the attractive one” and it also means the color “Dark Blue.” Lord Krishna lived for over 120 years due to his mystical powers which would connect him with the universe. He possessed all the qualities that would separate him from the humans. He believed that peace of mind is the greatest asset a person can have and not wealth and respect, his teachings were directed to his devotees and ensured that they feel enlightened and achieve that heightened state of consciousness. With his heightened consciousness, it is believed that he is moderating the universe and brings peace to the people and all other life forms.

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