Lord Shiva tattoo

Lord Shiva tattoo

Lord Shiva tattoo

This is a fully custom tattoo that Pradeep did in the span on one day as our client flew in from Bahrain for just a day. Initially we did not have a set plan to go about this tattoo but after a quick chat with our customer we understood his requirements of showcasing an aesthetic physique and a somber look on Lord Shiva’s face.

Lord Shiva is known as “The Destroyer”. He is also known as the most powerful and supreme God in the Hindu culture. The one, who creates, protects and transforms the world. Each symbol on Shiva collectively defines him and his powers.

The crescent moon: Wisdom is beyond mind but it needs to be expressed with a tinge of mind is what the crescent moon symbolizes.

The snake: It symbolizes alertness. To show this level of consciousness a snake is shown wrapped around Shiva’s neck.

Trident: The trishul signifies that Lord Shiva is above sleeping, dreaming and waking. Yet he upholds the three states.

Third eye: Alertness, knowledge and wisdom are all related to the third eye of Shiva.

Drum: It symbolizes the process of creation, how the universe is always expanding and collapsing.

To get your own personalized tattoo visit us at our Bangalore studio in India.

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