Neo traditional Phoenix

Neo traditional Phoenix

Neo traditional Phoenix

Initially Pradeep did a fix up job on the sun tattoo as we see in the picture. Impressed by Pradeeps skills, Archita ( the client) flew all the way from Dubai once again and spent two days getting this Phoenix tattoo by Pradeep. Pradeeps work is well known around the globe.

Neo traditional tattoo is a modern variation of old school and modern American tattoo. Neo traditional design tries to make the tattoos more modern by adding bold lines and realistic images to it.

The phoenix is very popular among legends and tales. It has featured in Greek mythology to Shakespeare to Harry Potter. The depictions of the bird varies a lot therefore; its easy to find some meaning you can relate to.

The Phoenix is a mythological bird which moves from one life cycle to another. Whenever the bird gets close to death or a fear of death is burst into flames and then is reborn from its own ashes. This rebirth gives the phoenix more power and strength.

The phoenix tattoo symbolizes rebirth and resurrection. It’s a strong symbol for someone who is restarting their life. It also symbolizes personal growth, victory, over coming challenges, the sun, power and balance in life.

So, if you really like Phoenix and want something customized for your self, show up at our Indiranagar studio, Bangalore, India.

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