Octopus with an anchor

Octopus with an anchor

Octopus Tattoo with an Anchor

These cute little oceanic creatures are everyone’s favorite.

Whether its growing up watching Oswald, the Octopus as kids or whether you super into reading stories of amazingly brilliant thoughtful things Octopuses do,  we are all somehow moved and fascinated by these mysterious highly smart creatures.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with these sea creatures yet, these sea creatures are super smart with one of the biggest brains (like, literally) on the planet.

In experiments they’ve solved mazes and completed tricky tasks to get food rewards. They’re also adept at getting themselves in and out of containers.

From recognizing their favorite humans to their cunning disguises and escape techniques, these Octopuses are a symbol of  complexity, diversity, mystery, vision, intelligence, illusion, variability and insight.

An octopus, being an invertebrate, can camouflage itself as it creates an illusion by blending into the surroundings.

This Octopus Tattoo with an anchor was custom designed for our very aqua-fan man client.

This beautiful Octopus Tattoo with an Anchor is definitely a great choice for those who are fascinated by the mysteries of the ocean. Usually worn by sailors, the anchor represents hope and salvation.  Ocean.

Pradeep was able to modify and adjust a few details to make sure the tattoo suited the client’s skin tone. This tattoo shows Pradeep’s ability to work with light and contrast on the skin and his super powers to help everyone own a tattoo of their own special little story.

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