Om Graffiti Mandala

Om Graffiti Mandala

Om Graffiti Mandala Tattoo

This Om Graffiti Mandala Tattoo was inspired by an artwork brought to us by our client who works in the motion picture division for movies like Superman vs. Batman and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Seeing that we had our work cut out to come up with an impressive design, we wanted to give life to this form of art which is very unique and uncommon in the tattoo industry. Hence we at Astron Tattoos came up with this unique black and grey graffiti style mandala tattoo which took over six hours to ink considering the high amount of details in this piece. A mandala  meaning “Circle” is a symbol of eternity, perfection and unity. And Om is considered the most sacred, powerful Hindu mantra and it encompasses everything in the universe.

This intricate piece was designed and tattooed by Bangalore based Pradeep Junior who specializes in custom work.

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