Om Trishul Tattoo

Om Trishul Tattoo

Om Trishul Tattoo

Sometime we make regrettable mistakes! Life throws lemons and its a choice to either make a lemonade or keep dodging the lemons thrown at you.

Getting a bad tattoo is something like that. We can choose to ignore it for the rest of our lives or YOU COULD DEAL WITH IT like a BOSS and get a COVER-UP!

When our client walked in with this regrettable tattoo, Pradeep set to design this cover-up immediately. He drew free hand using a marker and tattooed right away for a few hours and that’s the simple story of how this miracle unfolded!

We believe every tattoo has a story to tell and we know Tattoos have very personal meanings to our clients. This Om Trishul Tattoo done by Pradeep had a paramount importance to the etched!

The word Om/Aum is the most sacred symbol or mantra in Hinduism. It also has profound importance in Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Om refers to the soul, the self within. It symbolized the ultimate reality, entirety of the universe, truth, divine, cosmic principles and knowledge.

Whereas a trishul symbolizes the fight and triumph over the evil within. Found in the arms of almost every Hindu God, a trishul also represents the divine trinity.

This tattoo is  a great example of how creative Pradeep Junior can get without relying on computerized/ printed stencils. Our client Poonam had got a trishul with an om tattoo 3 years ago. And wasn’t completely with the outcome. She requested us to modify the tattoo in such a way that ost of the previous tattoo would still remain intact yet looks enhanced. Hence pradeep drew a free hand drawing using a marker and straight away tattoed over it for about 3 hours. And the outcome was a phenomenal looking 3D trishul with a lot of elements that represent Lord Shiva. This tattoo was done at Astron Tattoo Studio  in Bangalore, India.

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