Peacock Cover up Tattoo

Peacock Cover up Tattoo

Peacock Cover up Tattoo by Astron Tattoos Bangalore

Our client Lloyd from UK was on a work visit to India. After a visit to Astron tattoos in Bangalore, he was impressed with our portfolio and decided to get a Peacock Cover up Tattoo from Pradeep Junior. He was looking to cover up on an old grim reaper tattoo that was done during the 70’s while he was serving for the British Navy.

We wanted him to leave with a great tattoo that would mark his memory of the good time he spent in India. We came up with a couple of ideas that included an elephant and a rough sketch of a peacock. We settled on doing a colorful free hand peacock cover-up tattoo.

Peacock tattoos represent beauty, love, pride, and uniqueness and is symbolic of consciousness in Buddhism. Peacock is also India’s national bird.


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