Pocket watch Forearm tattoo (2015)

Pocket watch Forearm tattoo (2015)

Pocket watch Forearm tattoo

A Pocket watch has various meanings and symbolism and that is what makes it so unique. Firstly, it symbolizes time,which people use to record events and memories. This tattoo is very personal as it represents the life of the wearer and everything he or she goes through.

A Pocket watch can be made in various designs. If the watch contains roman numbers and the hands of the watch point to a certain time, it mostly represents the time someone was born or the time someone passed away. A watch without the hands symbolizes disregard for time. It’s for the ones who live each day of their life without worries and thinking about what may happen in the future.

This tattoo also symbolizes respect for the older generation. Even though this generation has all the advanced technology some people still fancy old things. This tattoo is also a reminder to people to live their life like there is no tomorrow and to not worry about the future.

Our client Stanlee got his first tattoo, an Om tattoo, at Astron tattoos in Bangalore. Ever since, he grew really fond of tattoos and now he finds himself getting tattooed often. He now has got both of his arms almost covered with tattoos.

This tattoo of a pocket watch is a part of an ongoing sleeve on him.  To Stanlee, this tattoo represents his date of birth, time of birth, and name to mark his existence and respect towards life. The black and grey tattoo was completed by Pradeep Junior in his distinct style.

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