Rose cover up tattoo

Rose cover up tattoo

This Rose Cover up tattoo was done by Pradeep during his visit to the US in 2018. Pradeep used the technique of opaque saturation of grays to camouflage the previous tattoo.

Although a rose symbolizes love, it carries various different meanings depending on its color and pattern. The most common meaning of a rose tattoo are love, beauty, timelessness, passion and devotion.

Meaning of the colors:

White: The colour white symbolizes purity and innocence. It can also mean being or having a secret admirer

Red: The colour red symbolizes immortal love that can withstand time and even death. It represents deep love and passion

Pink: The colour pink symbolizes beauty, elegance, femininity, tenderness, poise and innocence. Some people get a pink rose to symbolize being a cancer survivor and even for motherhood.

Black: The colour black represents death, grief and sorrow. It is usually made in the memory of a loved one. It also stands for strength and rebellion.

Blue: A blue rose does not exist in nature. So it represents something that is unattainable or a fantasy that may or may not come true

This rose tattoo covers an old feather tattoo. A cover up tattoo is usually done when the old one had either not turned out properly or if the tattoo stopped meaning something to the wearer.

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