Sacred Geometry / Black-work stippling Buddha tattoo.

Sacred Geometry / Black-work stippling Buddha tattoo.

There are so many religions and culture around the world. In which Buddhism is one of the most common and colorful religion one. Buddhism is so much popular and in tradition due to Gautama Buddha. There are so many followers of Gautama Buddha in the present world. But Apart from being a religion, Buddha and Buddhism have become one of the most popular subjects in tattooing.


Pradeep did this tattoo a few weeks back. He has not done much of these whip shading/ stippling tattoos. On his last trip to the US, he learnt a whole lot about this technique. As we all know every client has a budget and we need to keep that in mind while drawing a plan. This technique helped finish the tattoo in lesser time as he charges by the hour and doesn’t have to switch machines (as he use just black ink and a single needle to the whole piece tattoos).


Whenever you see a Buddha tattoo, some question may arise to yourself that what is behind this tattoo? What it means? Why someone wants to have a Buddha tattoo design on their body? Here is what behind Buddha tattoos. Buddha Tattoos mainly represents a sense of peace and serenity. They represent the symbol of who you are as a person.

There are also some hidden messages and symbolism that you can use for your tattoo design when choosing a Buddha design. Buddha tattoos are simple and beautiful. They look wonderful when skillfully inked with such detail on your body.

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