Samoan forearm Tattoo

Samoan forearm Tattoo

Samoan forearm Tattoo

Our client, Ola, from Sweden visited us after a long research for a custom Samoan tattoo in Bangalore . Our client gave us the liberty to design over his forearm with a Sharpie marker pen. Once he was convinced with the design, Pradeep Jr. proceeded with the tattooing process. The outcome of the tattoo was a Samoan three dimensional forearm band.

Samoan tattoo or traditionally known as “tatau” is a deep culture of Samoa. It represents pride in their heritage and culture. It’s an honor to be tattooed for young Samoan men.

In America, Samoan tattoos are known as Tribal Tattoos and are considered mainstream. Polynesian tattoos have many tribal symbols . Each symbol representing different meanings.This tattoo was done at Astron Tattoos, Bangalore, IN

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  1. Shoumik

    How much this ratio named Samoan tattoo will cost if I put it on forearm and second think I wanted to know if it can be removed if required.

    • Keerthans Dasari

      Hi Shoumik,
      Please call 7892357524.
      I am sure we can provide you with the appropriate information!

  2. Ajay

    Could you tell me how much prize will charge for This type of tattoos

    • Keerthans Dasari

      Each tattoo we do is unique and customized. Please call 7892357524 for price details! 🙂

  3. Alok

    I need to get 2 tattoos on my right forearm, upper side and lower side of forearm.This is to cover up stitch scar and as a personal inscription.One is a tibettan caligraph and other a tribal design.When can i get an appointment for the same with Pradeep Junior the sooner.I dont find any near by slots in appointment tool.Would you let me know when would be the earliest possible date to get a slot for inking.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Keerthans Dasari

      please call 7892357524. I am sure we can find you a suitable slot. Thanks!

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