Samurai Tattoo

Samurai Tattoo

Samurai Tattoo

Samurai Tattoo usually represent traits and attributes of the samurai. It often symbolizes strength and courage, along with a host of other meanings. The designs are quite stunning and perfect for sleeve tattoos, with various elements and symbols that can accompany their theme


Samurais refer to a special social class of people in ancient Japan, who were also called the men of weapons as they were supposed to provide protection to the high ranked nobles in those times. These people fought battles against the wrong and it was a matter of honor for them. They carried special weapons like sabers, wakizashi and katana. Samurais not only occupy a key position in Japanese culture, but also are revered in the form of Japanese Samurai tattoo art, with special designs featuring the honor and bravery of the Samurais.

These special tattoos have become quite a big rage not only in Japan, but also in Asia and other parts of the world, where people appreciate the Samurai designs for their grace and honor. These tattoos are really eye catching because they feature a great deal of detailing and use of vibrant colors.

Also, they are larger in size in comparison to conventional tattoos as they need special detailing which can be effectively depicted only in larger tattoos which cover a wider surface area.

This detailed Samurai tattoo was designed and inked by Pradeep Junior. One of our regular clients, Vinay, who already has a half sleeve Led Zeppelin themed tattoo from us wanted to get a samurai tattoo on his forearm. Samurai tattoos are synonymous with honor and power. He gave us a couple of references regarding the same based on which we at Astron Tattoos designed a unique piece of artwork. Vinay was so pleased with the artwork that he got the tattoo earlier than the scheduled time.

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