Seven Chakras Tattoo

Seven Chakras Tattoo

Seven Chakras Tattoo


For a sensationally shocking sense of serenity, nothing is more stunning than the compelling aura of a Chakra tattoo. These wonderfully enlightened displays are imbuing modern ink with a stylish dose of transcendence.

Chakra body art is a top-notch trend that combines a latent understanding of lively metaphysical energy structures with a forceful eye for abstract realism.

These whimsically dynamic creations can be executed in a variety of fashions.

Going by the early historians and chakra scholar, any knowledge on chakras was unwritten. It was much later that some new age authors gave chakras some symbols and published them.

There is another account which shows that the seven chakras originated from East Africa and modern day Tanzania, to be more specific. Some scholars are of the belief that Mount Meru in Tanzania is a sacred mountain that represents the journey of life from bottom to the top. Chakra tattoos have indeed come a long way, so decoding them would be nice and interesting.

Ultimately, there are seven known chakras, and each one corresponds to a different part of the body. In addition to matching distinct anatomical locations, every chakra is also connected with a deeper spiritual meaning. Their innate values are further denoted by purposefully defined colorations, and they are vertically stacked to deliver a vivacious impact.

Most chakra tattoos feature a condensed diagram of the seven chakras, and this technique completely captures their enlivening interpolation. Some experts take an alternate route by aiming for a full-size replication of the chart. This path involves getting seven separate tattoos in the proper spots of all seven orbs.

Some dedicated practitioners note the existence of additional chakras beyond the initial seven, so these can be revealed as well

This tattoo was done at Astron Tattoos/Pradeep Junior Tattooos in Bangalore by Pradeep Junior himself.

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