Trishul Tattoo

Trishul Tattoo

 Trishul Tattoo

Lord Shiva’s Trishul is one of the most powerful weapon in Hindu Religion and of one our most beloved Tattoos  – Trishul tattoo.

Trishul has great significance in Hindu Religion , it is in the hands of almost all the deities but the significance  is even more when it is held by Lord Shiva or Goddess. Now why Trishul Tattoo has been given so much of significance in our culture is because it has a very deep meaning which is  beyond the apparent.

Trishul is highly polyvalent in nature. It basically means that a trishul has the property of counteracting several related poisons or giving  immunity against  many different strains of a microorganism.  It also has the  capacity to remove our  many different negative qualities which inhibit  us to be one with the almighty  so helps to makes us rich at spiritual level. This is why our clients love this Trishul Tattoo on themselves.

The three prongs of Trishul represent the trinity in Hinduism–Brahma , Vishnu  and Shiva; and their counterparts Saraswati , Lakshmi and Kaali  ; 3—modes of nature – Creation, Maintenance and Destruction  ;  the 3 — aspects of time —past, present and future ;  the 3– gunas – sat , raj , tam; the 3 world/ realms or lokas—swarg (heaven) , bhu (earth) and patal (sub-terreanean) ; 3– powers–-will , action and wisdom ; 3—types of miseries –physical , mental and spiritual.

Lord Shiva’s Trishul is supposed to destroy —-the physical world—our attachments to the  illusions of the  world ; the world of the mind—the ahamkaar or ego which is a barrier between ”I” and the higher self (Shiva himself) -– thereby transforming our inner-self into a higher dimension which is the world of spirituality – thus leading us to the oneness, i.e.,  Shiva into a single non-dual plane of existence, that is bliss alone.

The Trishul Tattoo on human body can represent three  energy channels / chakras in our body—ida, pingala and shushmana meet at the brow. Shushmana, the central one, continues upward to the 7th chakra, or energy center, while the other two end at the brow, there the 6th chakra is located. The trisula’s central point represents Shushmana, and that is why it is longer than the other two, representing ida and pingala.

 SHIVA HOLDS THE HANDLE  means Lord is  BEYOND ALL THE TRIGUNAS means he is NIRGUN. (Beyond all polarity and cannot be characterized using standard measures).

Our clients who get the Trishul Tattoo believe this  symbol represents auspiciousness, so by making the Trishul a permanent part of their lives and giving pure thoughts to the mind with devotion we can be ONE with lord by balancing our thoughts and actions which can relieve us from  past, present and future or agony of birth, life and death.  Thus help us  to lead  a life of bliss while still being under the protection of the almighty.

We believe your Trishul Tattoo deserves a unique customization for itself incorporating everything it means to you. As we do not believe in copying things from the internet, we decided to design this Tattoo that represented all the greatness that is Lord Shiva.

This is an example of a tattoo consisting of high detail and yet has a clean composition. This tattoo was very much appreciated by several of our clients and got over 10,000 views on social media within the first week of doing this tattoo. The detailed black and grey tattoo was done at Bengaluru by our Artist Pradeep at Astron Tattoos.

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  1. Gopakumar

    Excellent tattoo. amazing

  2. Sahil Rawat

    What’s the cost of this one!

    • Pradeep (Author)

      Contact 7892357524

  3. Sreesankar

    I wish to do one. I have a plan to visit bangalore this month end. So please update me the details asap.

    • Pradeep (Author)

      Please call 7892357424

    • Pradeep (Author)

      please call 7892357524.

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