Skull rose with time tattoo

Skull rose with time tattoo

Skull rose with time tattoo

There is a general idea of the skull tattoo that it signifies death. But even before the skull became a form of art or tattoo, skull represented celebration of life. Skull tattoos in the olden days meant an acceptance towards a great change, a change which represents the inevitability of death.

It is a rebel’s hallmark. It has maintained popularity throughout generations, with its simple and bold aesthetic. They are a constant reminder that everyone dies one day and so should live their life to the fullest.

Traditionally, the skull tattoos symbolized triumph and victory. They have also symbolized power, strength, protection and a significant change in life. Often it represents that the tattoo bearer has overcome a great adversity in life.

Tattoo that includes a skull, a rose and a clock depicts a contrast between mortality and death or beauty and decay. Such a tattoo is an aide memoire of the good and evil and the sense of balance of such philosophies in life.

Pradeep did this fully custom tattoo on a young student from Australia.

Are you into skulls and wants something customized for yourself? Drop by at our Indiranagar studio and we’ll customize one for you!

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