Spartan helmet

Spartan helmet

Spartan helmet


Spartan Helmet tattoo designs are based on an ancient Greek society who were renowned for their fierce warriors and formidable army. Spartans also valued knowledge, took education seriously and even had a democratic government. They were the most feared military army in the Greek world between the 4th and 6th century. This society was once again commemorated in the 2006 movie 300, which told the legendary story of the Battle of Thermopylae.

The Spartan helmet has a rich history and is known as a symbol of strength, loyalty, courage, and power. Dedicated to war, Spartans were known for their legendary physical and mental strength and their intense dedication to the defense of their city.

Their enemies feared the sight of Spartan warriors, shields raised, lances ready, and their helmets gleaming. Sparta was a strong city and her men gladly laid down their lives to defend her.

While many recognize the Spartan helmet symbol, let’s take a deeper look at the history of how this helmet became a symbol of warrior strength and why today’s fighting forces and action adventure fans still recognize its power.

The Spartan helmet is rightly one of the most iconic symbols of ancient Greece. Made to cover the entire head, leaving a T-shaped opening for the eyes, nose, and mouth, the helmet struck fear into enemies and inspired pride in follow compatriots. The efficient and simple design helped protect most of the head while providing access to the senses of the warrior. The Spartan symbol gained meaning in strength, loyalty, courage, and honor.

At seven years of age, boys embarked on their Spartan military training. Taken from their mothers, they entered the Agoge system that emphasized duty, discipline, and endurance and focused on loyalty to the state and military service. They emerged at the age of 20 a full citizen of the Spartan community, ready for military service.

This Spartan helmet concept was handed to Pradeep on a silent afternoon during summer in Texas, USA. Our client knew that he wanted it to be tattooed on his forearm, but was not sure about the style he wanted to approach. Pradeep who is known to be a versatile tattoo artist wanted to capture the metal and the hair on the Spartan helmet. Hence he came up with a very realistic sketch of the helmet which has a true shine of metal to it and consists of powerful bold lines. This is one of the Pradeep’s favourite styles of tattooing.

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