St Michael Archangel Cover Up Tattoo

St Michael Archangel Cover Up Tattoo

St Michael Archangel:

God made the Heaven and the Earth with angels and all the extra important angels called the Archangels. There were three archangels in heaven the first one was Gabriel, the second one was Michael and the third one was Lucifer the son of morning.

Lucifer along with other angels, started to rebel against god saying, they were equally important and that he should be the one to rule heaven and not God. So God summoned St Micheal to assemble an army, to defend heaven from Lucifer and his army.

Lucifer lost and he and his angels were banished from heaven. Lucifer then ended up on earth and started to corrupt the humans. St Micheal was then sent to earth to confront Lucifer.

St Michael also represents the angel of death. He carries the souls of the deceased to heaven. He appears during the hour of death and provides each soul to redeem itself before passing thus consternation devil and his minions.

Our client has a very rare skin condition where the pigmentation on his skin is uneven. So we turned this into something positive by making his skin into a living form of art with something so symbolic. The black and grey tattoo was done at Astron tattoos by Pradeep Junior who specializes in detailed work.

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