Tibetan Om mandala tattoo

Tibetan Om mandala tattoo

Tibetan Om mandala tattoo

This Tibetan Om mandala tattoo is a clear example of precise and clean pradeep’s line work is. During the initial days of Pradeep’s career, tattooing lines was a big challenge. Determined Pradeep turned this weakness into his strength by practicing traditional line work that he learned in the America. Now, line work tattoos is one of Pradeep’s specialties.

“OM” sounds familiar to anyone who has been to a yoga class as it is the most meditative chant that is made use of. Om is also one of the most important and significant mandala symbols. It is one of the universally known symbols for spirituality.

When it comes to mandala, Om is a symbol of a connection between the man, the divine and the spiritual realm. Om and mandala are often represented together. One of the most captivating concepts known is that the Om sound when made creates the Sri Yantra Mandala pattern.

The use of the word Om stems from Vedic and Hindu culture although; it is famous in most of the Asian cultures. Om mandala can also comprise of other designs such as lotus which when combined with Om, signifies purity. Or the geometric designs which combined with the mandala focus on the consciousness of the human mind.

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