Tree of Life Tattoo – Color

Tree of Life Tattoo – Color

Tree of Life Tattoo – Color

Tree of  Life  Tattoo  — is not just a beautiful picture. It is also a kind of talisman that has profound meaning.

The tree of life has been an integral part of almost every society and culture on the earth for as long as tales have been told. Of course, each different culture has their own version of a ‘tree of life’ motif—with some of them representing renewal, others representing immortality, and still others representing the foundations of the world.

The idea behind the Tree of Life Tattoo is that nothing is permanent. Life comes and goes, memories fade with time, and the world keeps on turning. Of course, we have the opportunity to watch as new life springs up after us, whether it is the new foliage of Spring or the laughter of a child. Tree of Life Tattoo encompass this notion of an ever-different, yet unchanging eternity.

They also symbolize a well-developed root system and crown.  We need a strong foundation for growth. If the plant is not nourished properly, it can’t grow. In other words, the tree of life tattoo has a deeper meaning — the holders of such character must constantly evolve, improve, work. These are the sources of the universe. Perhaps that is why the tree is often depicted in the center of the circle.

The choice of a particular wood is preferred for people of different ages and genders: girls impressed symbolizing innocence, tenderness and femininity birch, man — oak and beech, symbolizing the power of the spirit and its power, the nature of resistance.

Tree of  Life tattoos have mostly been depicted in black and grey scheme. As our client was looking to get something more unique Pradeep had his work cut out for him. After taking a look at a few references brought in by her, Pradeep got a clear idea how to compose this Tattoo.

The outcome was well appreciated by our customers which led to more opportunities of Tattooing on her friends.


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