Wooden cross banner tattoo

Wooden cross banner tattoo

Wooden cross banner

On the face of it a wooden cross tattoo comes off as if it has only religious connotations. The truth is that the wooden cross tattoo has a very deep and personal meaning. These tattoos can be used to represent faith or passing of a loved one.

The wooden cross tattoos represent someone who has a lot of courage, strength and faith. It can also symbolize honor, suffering, life and death.

This Wooden cross banner tattoo was done by Pradeep during his visit to the United States. Our client wanted to do a cross and incorporate his family name in it. Pradeep then composed this whole tattoo as per the client’s vision. The final outcome was a phenomenal looking 3-dimensional, pure black and grey style of tattooing and was really appreciated by the client for turning his vision into a great piece of art.

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  1. How much the cost

    I just want to know about the price

    • Pradeep (Author)

      Please call 7892357524

    • Pradeep (Author)

      We start from 1500 rupees.

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